Oral history interview with Marlene Riding In Mameah


Oral history interview with Marlene Riding In Mameah


Mameah, Marlene Riding In, 1933-2018



Marlene Riding In Mameah, a professional artist, talks about her childhood and how she was encouraged to make Native American Indian art in school. She describes her art education and the influence people like Dick West had on her art. She explains her start in making jewelry and how she was able to expand her business with the help of her husband. She discusses her design and creation process as well as the different types of jewelry she makes, from earrings to gorgets. She comments on her use of German silver, on specific projects, and how powwow dancing has played a big role in her career as an artist.


Little Thunder, Julie Pearson


Oklahoma Native Artists; Chilocco Indian Agricultural School--Alumni and alumnae; Pawnee heritage; Metalsmithing


Indians of North America; Artists; Interviews; Jewelry making; Powwows


Pawnee, Oklahoma; Yale, Oklahoma

Citation of material

Oklahoma Oral History Research Program-Oklahoma State University

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