Oral history interview with Daniel Worcester


Oral history interview with Daniel Worcester


Worcester, Daniel



Daniel Worcester, a professional artist, talks about his childhood and how he has always had a fascination with knives, especially when it came to whittling. He explains how he first became interested in bladesmithing and how that led to him making his own unique handles for the knives. He discusses his creative process and technique and how he likes to use old, different materials like dominoes or billiard balls for the handles. Worcester mentions some of the different shows and markets he has been to and some of the awards he has won. He also acknowledges how making knives has helped him stay connected to his Chickasaw heritage and to other like-minded artists and collectors.


Little Thunder, Julie Pearson


Oklahoma Native Artists; Bladesmithing; Knife handles; Chickasaw heritage


Indians of North America; Artists; Interviews; Knifesmiths; Art--Awards; Indians of North America--Material culture; Knives--Design and construction


Ardmore, Oklahoma; Santa Fe, New Mexico

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Oklahoma Oral History Research Program-Oklahoma State University

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