Oral history interview with Bunky Echo-Hawk


Oral history interview with Bunky Echo-Hawk


Echo-Hawk, Bunky



Bunky Echo-Hawk, a professional artist, talks about his childhood and being influenced by the art of both parents. He explains his art education and how he first became interested in showing how Native art can be both new and old. He describes his style and creative process as well as the live painting work he does. He mentions some of the people who have helped him in his career and some of the specific projects he has worked on, like the N7 shoe line from Nike. He discusses some of the challenges he has faced that have made him a stronger writer and artist. He also acknowledges the impact art can have on Native communities.


Little Thunder, Julie Pearson


Oklahoma Native Artists; Creative process; Family ties; Indian art education; Live painting


Indians of North America; Artists; Interviews; Painting; Arts--Therapeutic use; Serial art


Boulder, Colorado; Pawnee, Oklahoma

Citation of material

Oklahoma Oral History Research Program-Oklahoma State University

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